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Marketing & Advertising

  The web sites currently published and maintained by the WineCountry.IT network are:
  • WineCountry.IT – Main portal, bilingual English / Italian.
  • Italian Wine Hub – English web site dedicated to Italian wine producers, importers, exporters, distributors, collectors and brokers.
  • Club del Vino Italiano – Italian web site dedicated to Italian wine producers, importers, exporters, distributors, collectors and brokers.
  • Italian Wine Labels – English web site dedicated to Italian wine labels.
  • ABC Vino – Italian web site dedicated to Italian wine labels.
  • Italian Flavor Consortium – The latest, bilingual English / Italian, dedicated to promoting, importing and distributing Italian quality wines and regional foods worldwide.

WineCountry.IT maintains a bilingual network of web sites dedicated to various aspects and highlights related to Italian wine, food and lifestyle. In less than two years since the launch of our first web site, now our main portal to the network, our web publications are read daily by over 1,000 visitors coming from over 45 countries.

Because of the over 180,000 web pages visited every month by our worldwide audience, advertising Italian wines, food products and related services on WineCountry.IT network, including, contributes consistently to international and local brand building.

Wine and food, however, involve tantalizing olfactory, visual and gustatory sensations which must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Thus, at WineCountry.IT we decided to create the Italian Flavor Consortium and Italian Flavor Forum®, to bring to markets worldwide the great, limited production wines and specialty foods of Italy.

Italian Flavor Consortium joins small and medium-sized quality producers into a unified, though multi-faceted commercial proposal, introducing their wines and food products to foreign importers, distributors, licensed retailers and restaurateurs.

Among the various promotional initiatives Italian Flavor Forum® stands out. It brings a series of recurring, informative, wholesale market events to inform foreign industry professionals, making it easy for them to taste and buy Italian quality niche foods and wines to which they would hardly have had access otherwise.



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