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Campania Native Vines – Second Part
Rosa D'Ancona – March 28, 2006

White native vines

Asprinio Vine  
Alberata method cultivation of Asprinio vines  
  Asprinio Bianco
  Asprinio Bianco, or d'Aversa
  Coda di Volpe Bianca
  Coda di Volpe Bianca

Asprinio Bianco
Better known by the bame of Asprinio d'Aversa, this vine has been cultivated from time immemorial. Though the variety has proved that it can grow trained according to common methods, this truly strong vine is traditionally cultivated in freely expanded fashion, letting the vines wrap around and climb tall tree trunks. The wine is light, acidic and pleasant, and produces an appreciated sparkler as well. The vine is cultivated exclusively in the DOC Asprinio d'Aversa zone, which is split across the provinces of Caserta and Naples. Here it climbs up tall poplar trees according to the traditional method known as alberata. The original growing method is truly exotic and characterizes the landscape.

This vine, mentioned in 19th century books, is found exclusively on the island of Ischia and a few areas in the Gulf of Naples. Known also with the names of Janculella and Bianculillo, this variety thrives in the volcanic soil of the Neapolitan province. The wine has high alcoholic content, is harmonic with good body and deep, straw yellow color. The grapes are used to make either varietals or blended wines.

Coda di Volpe Bianca (White Fox Tail)
This vine is known in the region with the names Falerno, Durante and Coda di Pecora (Sheep Tail) also. It was grown in very ancient times, and is mentioned in Plinius Naturalis Historia (Natural History). The wine has good alcohol content, gold yellow color, is dry to the palate and has a pleasant aroma.

This is certainly one of the greatest Campania vines. It very ancient and, with the passing of time, generated a variety of eco-types and is often referred to as Falanchina, Falernina or Uva Falerna. This variety is cultivated mainly in the provinces of Naples and Benevento and is at the base of various DOC Campania wines. The juice has good acidity and makes a dry wine, though a delicate and warm one.

This is a typical Campania vine which finds its best enological expression in Irpinia, or the production area of the DOCG Fiano di Avellino wine. It is believed that the name Fiano derives from the ancient Apiane grapes, name that was given by the ancient Romans to the grapes particularly favored by bees (api, in Italian). The wine is straw yellow in color, has pleasant perfume, is fresh, dry and harmonic to the palate.

This vine is found mostly on the island of Ischia. The wine is straw yellow in color, and is dry and harmonic to the palate. As varietal it produces the DOC Ischia Forastera wine, while blended with the Biancolella grapes generates various wines under other denominations.

Greco (Greek)
This is a very valued Campania vine with a great history. Grown all over the region, it is defined with different denominations, according to the various zones of origin: Greco del Vesuvio (Greek from the Vesuvius), Greco della Torre (Tower Greek), Greco di Tufo (Tufo Greek – Tufo is a kind of stone), and Greco di Napoli (Greek from Naples). The wine is golden yellow, with intense, characteristic perfume.

Red native vines

It is believed that this grape variety was introduced by the Greeks in pre-Roman times, and that the grape name derives from, ellenici, another Italian name for Greeks. Though it is widespread in various Italian southern regions, the Aglianico vine produces grapes with amazingly different characteristics, depending on the zone of origin, soil composition and microclimate. The wine produced is of high quality, and is characterized by high alcohol content, lively garnet red color, and attractive ripe tannins. With ageing, the wine improves its perfume as it refines and achieves more complex aromas.

Known in the province of Naples as Urnaccia and Cannamelu, this vine variety is found mostly on the island of Ischia. The wine is perfumed, alcoholic and ages well, however it's rarely bottled as a varietal.

Vine found exclusively in the Campania region, where it has been cultivated for centuries, and is popularly known with its dialect name, Pèr ‘e Palummo (Pigeon's Foot), because of the red color that the stem turns to when the grapes are ripe. The wine has good alcohol content, intense ruby red color, good tannins in a strong body and is fragrant to the palate. When aged, the wine acquire a pleasant violet perfume.

The Campania region represents an ideal environment for this vine variety, which is known locally as Sanginoso a Livella, Olivella and Uva d'Avellino (Avellino's Grape). Used mostly in blends, brings deep color, acidity and a slightly astringent quality to the wine.

Outstanding producers

Antica Hirpinia Soc. Coop a r.l.
C.da Lenze
83030Taurasi (AV)
Tel.: 0827/74730
Fax: 0827/74730 – 0825/33013

Label: Donna Eleonora Irpinia Fiano Igt

Colli di Lapio di Romano Clelia
Via Arianiello, 43
83030 Lapio (AV)
Tel.: 0825/982184 – 0825/982191
Fax: 0825/982184

Label: Fiano di Avellino

Cantina Sociale Solopaca
Via Bebiana, 44
82036 Solopaca (BN)
Tel.: 0824/977921 – 0824/977928
Fax: 0824/971316

Label: Arlata

Cantina del Taburno
Via Sala
82030 Foglianise (BN)
Tel.: 0824/871338
Fax: 0824/878898

Label: Aglianico Bue Apis

Coop Lavoro e Salute s.c.a r.l.
Via Cinquepietre, 2  L.tà Starza
81045 Galluccio (CE)
tel.: 0823/925841
Fax: 0823/925021
Contatta il produttore via e-mail

Etichette: Galluccio Aglianico

I Borboni s.r.l.
Vico De Nicola, 7
81030 Lusciano (CE)
tel.: 081/8141386
fax: 081/8129507

Label: Ebro

Michele Moio fu Luigi s.r.l.
Viale Margherita, 8
81043 Mondragone (CE)
tel. e fax: 0823/978017
Contatta il produttore via e-mail

Label: Falerno del Massico

Villa Matilde S.S.
S.S. Domitiana, 18
81030 Cellole (CE)
tel.: 0823/932088
fax: 0823/932134
Contatta il produttore via e-mail

Label: Eleusi

D'Ambra Vini d'Ischia s.r.l.
Via Mario D`Ambra, 16
80070 Ischia (NA)
Contatta il produttore via e-mail

Label: Ischia Biancolella                 Frassitelli

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