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Calabria Native Vines – Second Part
Rosa D'Ancona – September 15, 2005

  Greco Bianco
  Greco Bianco
  Greco Nero
  Greco Nero

White native vines

Greco Bianco (White Greek)
This vine was introduced in Calabria in the 7th century B.C. by the Greeks and is currently blended in most local dry white wines, as well as in some red and rosé wines . The DOC Greco di Bianco is made exclusively in the entire Bianco zone and part of Casignana, in the province of Reggio Calabria. The wine's color is golden yellow, and the perfume is characteristic and ethereal, the flavor ia warm and harmonious with a characteristic aftertaste. The minimum alcohol content is 17% and must be aged at least one year before release.

Probably brought over from Sicily, this vine found a favorable environment in Calabria. The grapes, whose color varies from greenish to amber-yellow, produce a low acidity, slightly tannic wine. Because of its characteristics, it is often used in blends. The grapes are also part of the Pollino and Verbicaro DOC blends.

Pecorello Bianco (Little White Sheep)
Often confused with the Pecorino (Little Sheep), this grape is found in the Savuto wine zone.  As a varietal, it produces well-structured wines.

Red native vines

Known by other names in the Marche, Abruzzo and Umbria regions, as well as in the province of Messina in Sicily, this vine was probably imported by the Greeks in ancient times. It's widespread especially in the Calabrian provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. The grape is part of the DOC Cirò Rosso and Melissa wine blends.

Greco Nero (Black Greek)
Known locally as Grecu Niuru (in local dialect) and as Maglioccone in Bivongi, this red vine is part of the widespread of 'Greek, vines whose origins and diffusion are rather uncertain, but which were probably brought over by the Greek colonizers who founded the Magna Grecia. It shares the name with a variety of vines with which it has little in common, such as the Greco Nero from Avellino, Marche, Teramo, Terni, Velletri, and Tuscany. In Calabria it grows mostly in the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone. In the past it was mistakenly believed to be the same as the Marcigliana, or Marsigliana, grapes cultivated in the province of Catanzaro. Ia was also confused with the Aleatico and Verdicchio Nero grapes.

Widespread in the southern Thyrrenean wine zone of Calabria, it is believed that the grape got its name from a Latin word that suggested a grape with the shape of a cow teat. The grape is used mostly in blends with other local varieties. Bottled as a varietal, it produces a ruby red wine with low intensity and medium tannins.

Outstanding producers

Fattoria San Francesco
Località Quattromani,
S.p. ex S.S. 106
88813 Cirò (Crotone)
Tel: 096232228
Fax: 096232987
Contact the producer via e-mail

Label: Cirò Rosso Ronco dei Quattroventi (100% Gaglioppo grapes).

See labels

Cantine Lento
Via del Progresso, 1
88046 Lamezia Terme
Tel: 09682828
Fax: 0968/23804
Contact the producer via e-mail

Label: Lamezia Dragone (Gaglioppo, Nerello and Greco Nero grapes)

Odoardi Giovan Battista
Viale della Repubblica, 143
87100 Cosenza
Tel: 098429961
Fax: 098428503

Label: Savuto ’02 (uve Magliocco, Greco nero, Magliocco canino e Nerello)

C.da San Gennaro, S.S. 106
88811 Cirò Marina (Crotone)
Tel 096231518
Fax: 0962370542
Contact the producer via e-mail

Label : Efeso (100% Mantonico grapes)

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